Top 7 Fun Family ActivitiesTop 7 Fun Family Activities

We love our family and we love the time we spend together. We always try to spend our free time with family having fun and creating memories. In the search for fun family activities we try a lot of things. If you are one of those people who want to have a great family time, then you are at the right place. This blog on top 7 fun family activities will fulfil all your needs. 

In this blog, you will find great ways to have fun with your family. If you want to have fun family activities at home, this blog is for you. Also, if you want to have great family time outdoors, this blog won’t disappoint you again. 

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Without further delay, let’s begin the list of top 7 fun family activities:

Cook With Family

If you want to have fun family activities at home, cooking should be the first thing you should try. Although, cooking is not loved by all but if you take slight interest in it, you’d definitely love trying it. 

First of all you need to decide what to cook and when to cook. Once it is decided by you and your family members. Next you have to gather resources, after that give every member of the family a task to do. For example- The younger ones can help in peeling potatoes or garlic, well it depends upon what you are cooking.

Once everything is finalised, begin cooking! You can record videos to cherish that moments later. 

If you are done with cooking, now is the time to have a great feast. Enjoy the meal and thank god for having such a happy family who lives together, cooks together and eats together.

Decorate Your Home Together

Do you feel your home needs a revamp? Well, if you think so then nobody can decorate it better than you. Plan a rejuvenation of your home with your family, again give every member a task to do, gather resources and you are good to go.

When you work collaboratively with your family and decorate your own home, then you can choose colour, position of items, and decoration of your choice. When you work together, it will save the cost of the labour, and at the same time you can have fun together. 

Mend Your Garden

Mending your garden can be one of the best fun family activities that you can try. If you love gardening then it is a plus point for you. First of all plan a day to mend your garden, ask the younger ones to remove the weeds and unwanted stuff. At the same time, you could visit a nearby nursery to bring some amazing plants and other required things.

Together with family, beautify your garden by removing unwanted plants and pots, and replacing them with the saplings that you brought. Change soil, use manure and fertilisers and at the end you can consider decorating your garden with stones and pebbles.

You will have a great family time mending your garden. 

Play Board Games

If you are looking for fun games for families to play, then you can’t forget board games. These games have been our companions for centuries, some of them are quite popular even today.

If you are bored at home and want to have great family time then you can play board games like chess, monopoly, ludo, scrabble, etc. These games are full of fun and can help you improve your family bond if you couldn’t spend family time together.

These games are multiplayer, therefore you can play them with your family members. If you have a big family then other members can enjoy watching the gameplay. 

Go For a Water Game

In the summer what can’t be a better relief provider than a water game. Playing water games is one of the best ways to have fun and at the same time you could also get relief from the heat.

Although grown-ups don’t take much interest in water games, these games can be a great source of fun for children. 

There are a number of water games which you can play with your family, some of these are:

  1. Water balloon fight
  2. Water gun battle, and
  3. Water balloon pinatas

Know Your Family

Well, do you know about your ancestry? Your answer will probably be, no! 

Knowing your ancestry and your family through the family tree can help you know about your forefathers, the past family events and give you knowledge about your ancestors. 

But for learning about your ancestors, you need to have someone at home who remembers the ancestry. If you have grandparents at home, ask them to help you create the family tree. Once you are done with that, you can call every member of your family and show them the family tree.

Ask your grandparent to narrate the stories about your ancestors and at the same time observe the family tree so that you could understand it.

Watch a Family Movie

Watching movies with your family can create great memories for you. If you plan to watch a movie at your home then you should take everybody’s opinion on selecting a movie. Once it is done, don’t forget to bring some popcorn and snacks too.

However, if you want to watch a movie at a theatre then plan it on a holiday, so that everybody is available. Also, don’t book advance tickets as the plan could be delayed or hampered, instead book tickets 2-3 hours in advance. In addition, if you don’t want any embarrassment then choose the movie wisely, the movie should be family friendly.

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