Ways to keep romance in relationship aliveWays to keep romance in relationship alive

When you are in a relationship, it becomes crucial for you & your partner to keep the spark of love alive. Generally, when you are in a long-term relationship, you experience an amazing period of passionate love, however it decreases over time. But why does this happen? In this blog you will get to know different ways to keep romance in relationship alive

Well, as you spend more time together, your love matures and evolves into compassionate love. Instead of showing love physically, you and your partner show affection, respect, and care for each other. 

During the initial stages of your relationship, you may have experienced everything so extreme. However, as time passes you experience a decrease in passionate love, and it is quite normal among couples. 

You can’t maintain the same level of intimacy all the time, and if you try to do so, you are a control freak. Nevertheless, there are ways to keep romance in a relationship alive and you will read about them in this blog.

How To Find Out If Your Relationship Lost Spark?

First of all, you need to find out if your relationship has really lost its spark. In order to know that, you need to notice some of the signs given below:

  1. You are indifferent towards each other.
  2. You don’t talk romantically anymore.
  3. You don’t surprise and pamper each other.
  4. You both get annoyed and irritated with each other more often, and
  5. You don’t give each other time.

If you notice any of or some of the above-mentioned signs in your relationship, it is time for you to rejuvenate your relationship. 

Romance in a relationship is important, however a lack of it can create rift between you and your partner. Now, let’s discuss some ways to rejuvenate romance in a relationship.

7 Ways To Keep Romance In Relationship Alive:

Relive the wonderful past- You must have spent some of the best time of your life together. What if I say that when you relive the wonderful moments that you spent together, you come closer to each other!

Cherishing the marvellous moment that you both had together would have a positive impact on your relationship. Your body will release hormones like serotonin and dopamine, which makes you and your partner happy.

Giving space to your partner- Sometimes, if you notice a lack of romance in your relationship, consider giving your partner his own space. It will help him to feel your necessity in his life.

Moreover, giving space to your partner means that you don’t want to force anything on him and will wait for the best time to come. However it should be done mutually and your partner shouldn’t have the feeling of abandonment.

Surprise your partner- Surprises are loved by all. It is because you have never expected it. The same thing applies to your relationship. Everyone loves surprises from his partner.

When everything seems so slow, accelerate your love by surprising your partner with a date night or maybe a movie date. Apart from this you can try 15 Surprise Romantic Dates Ideas With Your Loved One.

Travel & spend time together- Doing the same repetitive thing in your relationship makes it quite boring. Travelling and spending time together can have a great positive impact on your relationship.

If you wish to revive the romance in your relationship, it is better to travel together, more importantly spend time together. Go to places that are beautiful and can provide you with a whole new experience.

Put your phones aside- Smartphones have become villains in our romantic relationship. Sometimes because we use it a lot and other times because we are so engrossed in it that we pay no attention to our partner.

When you and your partner are together, don’t let your smartphones become a problem. Instead of using smartphones, give each other proper attention. Talk to each other, play and tease each other, so that you can have the best time together.

Don’t plan anything, stay natural- Generally, when we think a lot and become anxious about the future, we tend to plan everything. 

However, it is suggested to stay natural in your relationship. Stay the way you were when you first met each other. There is no need to panic, when you and your partner are together and stand by each other, you can conquer anything. 

Pamper your partner- Last but not least, appreciating each other and pampering can have a huge positive impact on your relationship. Show each other gratitude by writing a letter of thanks, or by gifting something valuable to each other.

Although these are small things, they have the capacity to make your relationship new. You’d experience the same level of intimacy even after 10 years of relationship. 

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